IPAC Policies & Guidelines

Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Center, LCA (IPAC) is a community dedicated to the teaching, study, support, evolution, and respect of the various disciplines of art under its roof.


IPAC requires all participants in any program on our premises to read and sign our waiver that addresses general liability, medical conditions and health of the student, hands-on assistance, and use of photos for promotional purposes.

Hands-On Assists

As part of any movement style instruction, hands-on assistance may be offered during class depending on the instructor. All assists are given with great compassion, knowledge of anatomy, and experience. If assists are not wanted, please inform your instructor before class begins.


We understand the difficulty in commuting in a busy city, and it is IPACs policy to keep the studio doors open 10 minutes after the class or event has begun. Any admittance past that time is at the sole discretion of the teacher and management. Please, if you must be late or leave early, be respectful to the class and enter and leave as quietly as possible. If possible, inform the teacher or a friend if you are late or have to leave early.


Please dress appropriately for the class that you are attending. For information on dress code for classes please view our website. Certain classes will have strict dress code guidelines; students not wearing correct dress code may be asked to change before returning to class. IPAC does have certain items available to help low income families If you have concerns or questions about attire, please contact us at inquiry@ipacenter.info

Strongly Scented Deodorants and Perfumes

Because of the nature of group health and wellness classes, people moving and breathing together in a closed space, we ask that you refrain from using any strongly scented products, oils, perfumes, colognes and arrive to the studio clean.

Use of Electronic Devices

Cellphones, iPads, and other personal electronic devices are prohibited from being used during class sessions. All devices should be stored away during classes. Smart watches may be used, as long as these watches are on silent mode. Teachers and managers have the right to ask any student to leave the room/studio if he or she conflicts with this policy. Exceptions are made for on-call medical personnel and for actual emergency situations. An ‘emergency situation’ is defined as an event or circumstances that pose actual or imminent risk of serious harm to health, welfare, or safety of the student in question or the student’s immediate family.

Drug and Alcohol

IPAC is supportive and respectful of our full community, including those working on sobriety, recovery, and other aspects of personal health and wellness. We have a zero-tolerance policy in terms of alcohol and non-prescription drug abuse and intoxication on our premises, including all events and workshops. Please do your part in helping us maintain a safe space for everyone at our facility. For the safety of all, teachers and managers have the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they suspect intoxication.

Prescribed marijuana use

We understand that there are some legal and legitimate medical uses for marijuana, but if this use alters your judgement, impairs your function, or affects the safety of the student or other students at all, then the individual may be asked to leave.

No smoking or vaping of any kind is allowed anywhere on the premises.

Other General Rules

  • IPAC shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of any property of students.

  • Keep our floors clean by taking off wet shoes prior to entering the studio and changing shoes on the carpet area.

  • Please do not touch studio mirrors as they can be damaged easily.

  • Dispose of all trash and materials in the appropriate receptacles.

  • Respect your fellow classmates and instructors by not chewing gum or teaching your classmates.

  • No street shoes allowed on dance studio floors.

  • Observers must sit quietly and not disturb or distract the class or private lessons.

  • Please address any concerns or issues with your instructor or studio management.