Pre- Primary Program

IPAC’s Early Education supports the physical and cognitive development of your child, as well as fostering creativity, self-expression, and personal accomplishment. Students discover coordination, range of motion, and basic motor skills such as focus and balance, through fun, structured activities designed to introduce anatomical and social awareness. Classes, especially movement-based classes, are appropriately hands-on and take place in a nurturing, safe environment that aims to instill students with the virtues of self-discipline, teamwork, respect, and appreciation.




Visual Art

An introduction to visual art where we learn, explore, and have fun! Students will learn to express themselves through various projects while gaining basic art skills. Color, shape, texture and composition are just a few of the things we’ll explore as we learn about different art materials and tools. In addition to hands-on projects, students will get a chance to look at and talk about their work as a group. Let’s get creative!


Ballet / Ages 3-4

The Fundamentals of Classical Ballet are introduced using both traditional methods and fun and engaging physical activities. Classes are structured and designed to not only teach students the foundations of the Ballet vocabulary but also instill in them self-discipline and a respect for the art form. Other benefits of studying Ballet include developing body control and coordination, self-confidence, and the determination to set and reach for goals. Students should be prepared to work hard (and sometimes play!) both as an individual and as a team. Ms. Lambe’s classes focus on building proper technique while experiencing the joy of dance and movement!


Family Time Movement & Dance

Play, dance & sing with your young one. Experience your child developing their motor skills through singing and dance. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet and network with other parents in your community, and for your child to foster friendships with other children their age. All families welcome!


Story time Movement & Dance

Foster your child’s imagination through this interactive class! Classes consist of a weekly story that is then acted out through movement and themed projects.