Parent Guide


Tuition payments are made in three Installments which will be automatically run on the dates stated on the tuition schedule. Each of the session Installments are non-refundable, and any adjustments for dropped classes will be made at the next Installment due date.

*** For Dance there will be a Classroom Demonstration and for Visual Art there will be an Exhibit at the end of each semester

*** Please note that each semester picks up where the one before it leaves off, so doing all 3 semesters is highly recommended


Fall Semester

September 30 - December 21, 2019

Winter Semester

January 3-March 30, 2020

Spring Semester

April 3-June 29

Vacation Dates/ no classes


Fall semester

Dec 22nd-January 2nd

Winter Semester

Feb 17th-22nd

Spring Semester

April 20th-24th

Behavior & Conduct

As part of IPAC’s mission, vision, and goals we desire to be a safe space where everyone’s Well-Being is always honored and respected. Students are expected to treat their teachers, their fellow students, and all IPAC personnel with the utmost respect and regard. Failure to adhere to any of IPAC’s Rules and Regulations will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will be cause for the termination of the students participation in the program. Below are a list of behaviors that go against our policy.

● Negative, discouraging, or disruptive behavior

● Shouting, running, refusal to participate in the classroom activities,

● Inappropriate or belittling language

● Theft

● Physical or verbal abuse of students or of IPAC personnel by other students or parents of the students

Classroom Etiquette

The guidelines below must be followed to allow classes to run smoothly and not disrupt classes.

● Students who do not adhere to our dress code policies will be asked to sit and watch the class.

● Students who arrive 15 minutes late will be asked to sit and watch the class.

● No food in studios at any point. Water is allowed. There will be designated common areas for food.

● Please do bring a bottle of water with you. Water breaks will be offered to children throughout class.

● Absolutely NO hanging on the bars or sitting during dance classes unless conducted to do so.

● Always acknowledge your teacher with respect before, during, and after class.

● Expect that different styles of classes may have different expectations as far as etiquette. Your teacher will guide you through how you should behave in class.

Preparing your young dancer

  • All students should review IPAC’s general policies and procedures before arriving at the studio.

  • All teachers will answer any questions children have at the beginning of class and guide them throughout the year to follow them.

  • All students should be supplied with their required dress code dancewear.

  • There will be bathrooms in which they can change into or they can arrive already dressed.

  • All young dancers should be prepared to pull their Hair out of their face. This is a necessary precaution to assure their vision is not impaired while trying to turn.

  • Please make sure that your dancer has the appropriate footwear for their class.

Dancewear Requirements



● Leotard in ballet pink or black (tank, short sleeve or long sleeve)

● Pink footed tights

● ballet slippers

● Hair pins/ hair net for bun.


  • Leotard

  • black tights

  • light socks or bare feet

  • hair off neck and face


● Street wear

● Pants and shirts should be comfortable for active movement.

● Sneakers that fit foot snuggly.

IPAC is a proud winner of the Boston Dance Alliance’s Dancewear Distribution Program which donates select dance wear to schools for low income families. IPAC has received an assortment of different sized ballet slippers through this program. Please inquire at the desk about ballet slippers if you are unable to purchase them at this time.

Where can I purchase Dance wear?

There are many places to purchase dance wear online or in-store. Below is a list of options:


● Target store, Dorchester, MA

● Teddy shoes & dancewear, Cambridge, MA

● Pattersons by Capezio , Burlington, MA

● Dancer’s Image, Newton, MA

● Broadway Dance Boutique, Norwell, MA 02061 (781) 659-2800

Discount Dance

Dancewear Solutions

Danny’s Warehouse

How to Make a Bun

Everyone has different hair types so here are two ways for two different hair types to give you a good idea on how to achieve a real ballerina bun.


● Make a ponytail high on the top curve of the head

● Split hair into two pieces

● Twirl one side and begin wrapping around ponytail holder

● When it is only wrapped halfway begin to secure this section with bobby pins

● Let this section alone and begin twirling and wrapping the second section in the same direction around the first section. Secure with bobby pins.

● Once both pieces have met halfway around ponytail holder twirl them together and continue wrapping around. Secure with bobby pins.

● Once it is finished it should look like a cinnamon roll. Feel free to add a hairnet to secure more or add clips, bows, etc for decoration!!!


● Make a ponytail high on the top curve of the head

● Find center of ponytail and spread hair out in a circle from the center point.

● Beginning at the top, begin twirling the hair under and securing with bobby pins

● Continue to do this all the way around the head.

● Once it is finished feel free to add a hairnet to secure more or add clips, bows, etc for decoration!!!