Our Team

Meet the team that makes IPAC possible.


Lorraine Chapman

President/Director/ Founder

Emily headshot.jpg

Emily Jerant-hendrickson

Administrative Assistant

lucy headshot.jpg

Lucy Warren-Whitman

Vice president/Director/ Founder

Adrienne headshot.jpeg

Adrienne Hawkins

Chief Advisor


David PArker


Melissa Buffer headshot.jpg

Melissa buffer-trenouth

Health & Wellness Coordinator

“We see great potential in greater Boston's independent arts. Boston is home to many prolific artists in every discipline who work passionately and diligently every day. Yet they too often work alone or in small communities of like-minded colleagues. Artists need mutually inspiring contact with people outside their own genre, medium, or daily practice for their work to reach the next level. We think this lack of cross-pollination can be challenged through spaces and organizations like ours. IPAC is a cooperative, artist-owned, multi-arts space with the express purpose of generating artistic fellowship across various media and disciplines to disrupt insular patterns of thinking and art-making. We are committed to cross-disciplinary collaboration, the education of young artists, and to pushing the conversation between artists and audiences forward. We are convinced that a vibrant arts scene can be achieved through efforts like this and they will, in turn enrich the lives of artists, students, audiences, and the city as a whole.” - David Parker