It all started when…

A few years ago, Lorraine Chapman and Lucy Warren-Whitman discovered that they had the same desire; a local space available for diverse groups of artists to easily meet and effectively collaborate with each other.

They began the process of locating a space in one of the most artistically and culturally diverse areas in greater Boston - Dorchester - where Lucy has been a Savin Hill resident for many years.

With the help of Howard Brodsky, Joan Talarico-Brodsky, and the amazing staff at CCA Global Partners, Lorraine and Lucy officially incorporated their business as a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA).

“A cooperative is a values-based business, owned by and operated for the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization, not outside investors. Cooperatives are structured around seven principles deeply rooted in democracy, economic participation, and sustainable growth of both the businesses and communities they serve. Cooperatives combat the widening wealth gap by empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the businesses that shape their lives.” - Cooperatives For A Better World

Different from nonprofit organizations, each IPAC Artist Member is a partial owner of IPAC - a stakeholder with a voice in the company. Having multiple artists owning and operating under one roof is uncharted territory in the greater Boston area. IPAC is potentially reinventing the wheel!

Being a member of a co-op can help develop strong roots for the individuals within the organization and for the organization itself. An exciting step outside the box is a step toward possible new beginnings for Massachusetts and connections beyond for generations to come.