About us

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We are a vibrant creation, performance, training ground, and gallery space for artists actively making art for adventurous audiences.

Multiple Stakeholders, One Goal: Build Community Value through Art

Uniquely owned by the artists, IPAC is a performing and visual arts space dedicated to serving the vibrant Dorchester and greater Boston communities through the creation and curation of diverse interdisciplinary artmaking and advocacy, education, and outreach initiatives. 

For Artists

Artists at IPAC have the unique opportunity to own the space they work, practice, teach, train, exhibit, and perform in. This is further elevated by the cultivation of personal networks within and outside of the organization, leading to limitless creative possibilities with numerous community partners.

For Art Audiences

IPAC’s patrons have access to the culturally diverse, contemporary, and traditional arts they love. Our ultimate goal is to be both our art community’s anchoring institution and an internationally celebrated contemporary arts destination.

For Dorchester & The Greater Boston Community

IPAC is where the worlds of art creating and art appreciating collide. IPAC is structured to:

  • support and grow the making of endless impactful work

  • develop audiences and audience appreciation for the arts

  • train the next generation of young artists

  • help individuals experience physical and emotional healing with an array of health&wellness practitioners and modalities

  • offer multicultural and multidisciplinary arts education and outreach programs for aspiring artists through all stages of life

Ownership Matters

Membership = Ownership = More than a space, a place to call Home.

IPAC is a cooperative, meaning it’s a member-owned interdisciplinary arts center. IPAC gives artists and the community a unique share of ownership in the business and the benefit of the center’s success. 

Unlock Artist-Membership

Performance Space: At the heart of IPAC is its performance space, a WhiteBox Media Theater - members have a stage to call their own.

Private Practice Space: The security of being able to have dedicated time in the various rooms and spaces allows members to create, prepare, and realize full seasons of performances, exhibits, and educational and audience-building initiatives years in advance.

Gallery Space: The walls of IPAC are designed to serve art gallery space available for visual artists to display and sell their work.

Office Space: With an IPAC designated desk, members don’t need to take their entire workload home with them at the end of the day. With IPAC’s shared office space, members can settle in and get their administrative tasks done before or after teaching, rehearsing, working on a project, or getting ready for an opening or event.

All of IPAC’s communal spaces are ideal for meeting other members, cooking up ideas for collaboration and community engagement through the arts, viewing works-in-progress, attending performances, exhibits, screenings, and sharing resources and networking opportunities.

Community Activities

IPAC officially opens in 2019. IPAC intends to reach out into the Dorchester and greater Boston area with:

1.) Class, atelier, and workshop offerings for all ages, abilities, goals, and intentions in:

Multicultural, multidisciplinary, traditional, and contemporary techniques

An ever-widening range of somatic movement modalities and expressive art therapies

Pre-Professional training for ages 1-17, college preparation, application process, portfolio assistance

2.) Youth teams that work on singular and cross-disciplinary projects that connect to media such as:

Dance and visual arts pairings that explores the many possibilities and outcomes of connecting blind, contour drawing with the fluidity of movement and line

Workshop series in printmaking or collage painting and choreography that culminates in an exhibit or performance

Half and full day specialty workshops in which students can create and watch their project fully realized in the span of just a few hours. New media will have sharing capabilities on the IPAC website and social media platforms.

3.) IPAC Mentorship programs pair emerging artists with established ones to help deepen their practice and with producers and presenters to help gain visibility, as well as a program that helps college students transitioning into the professional world of their artistic field.

4.) Children ages 1-17 begin training in the performing and visual arts with professional, accomplished educators in their fields. Each teacher will expertly guide their students in an open-minded and supportive manner that adheres to IPAC’s core values of acceptance and compassion for all, and that the arts elevate one’s self-esteem and overall sociological perspective on community, culture, and humanity.

Think of the Impact

For Artists this space and ownership model combines to:

Maximize financial benefits to the individual artists

Create opportunities for a wide range of disciplines to collaborate on multimedia work and advocacy, education, and outreach initiatives

Provide mentorship and networking opportunities to local artists aspiring to make globally marketable work

For Audiences the artists are combining their skills to: 

Be the go-to arts center for individuals seeking compelling & creative experiences in the greater Boston area

Help create an interactive relationship between art, performance, and audiences

For the Dorchester & Greater Boston Community IPAC is ready to:

Serve Dorchester and the greater Boston area by offering community classes, pre-professional training programs, youth teams, workshops, and a variety of culturally enriching exhibitions and performances 

Offer opportunities to explore health and wellness modalities through integrated expressive art therapies

Align the worlds of art and business through enterprising connections and partnerships with various businesses, councils, foundations, and organizations